Cover of A Year and Six Seconds: A Love Story by Isabel Gillies

Available in Hardcover on August 2nd

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Life (and Love) Go On...

Read the latest memoir by Isabel Gillies, author of the New York Times bestseller Happens Every Day

Advance Praise for A Year and Six Seconds

“With the same self-effacing prose found in her debut, Gillies describes her journey from the pain of lost love to the land of the living with humor and compassion… Readers will cheer along with the author, whose heart overflows in the conclusion of this enduring story of life after love.” Kirkus Reviews

“Isabel Gillies” sheer honesty is a breath of fresh air, and this pained, hopeful, and sweet account of life after divorce will keep you reading long after you should have gone to bed.” — Janice Y. K. Lee, author of The Piano Teacher

When our story opens, it’s a dark and slushy winter in New York City, where Isabel is arriving by airplane from Ohio, two toddlers in tow, to move in with her parents; her husband has left her for another woman.

In subsequent scene after hilarious scene, Isabel shares her valiant, misguided, and bumbling attempts to understand her own part in the disintegration of her marriage and to feel strong and loveable. And, one by one, she begins to cross items off a staggering single mom to-do list that includes: change last name, get bank account, get work, have breakdowns only in front of best friend and not in front of children, find rare preschool slot for son midyear in Manhattan, get along with three generations of family in tight quarters, find a man who can plant one great and romantic kiss, accept self, accept love, be happy.

She cries, she dates, she (and her mother and father and children) get the flu, and then, just when she least expects it, Isabel falls in love.

With humility and a refreshing sense of humor, Isabel stumbles many times but also laughs, forgives, discovers new treasures from old friends, marries again, and more than that, finds good love itself within and around her.

Cover of Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story by Isabel Gillies

Happens Every Day

Isabel Gillies had a wonderful life — a handsome, intelligent, loving husband; two glorious toddlers; a beautiful house; the time and place to express all her ebullience and affection and optimism. Suddenly, that life was over. Her husband, Josiah, announced that he was leaving her and their two young sons.

“A memoir so raw you feel like it’s your best friend telling you her story.”

New York Times Bestseller NPR Fresh Air Top Ten Book of 2009 Starbucks Book Selection Glamour Magazine “Must Read”

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